Fayubi the Seer

(born Fabi Stok)

Fayubi the Seer
Art by Sherlock

First Appearance: Heirs of Mâvarin, Chapter Three

Trivia: Fayubi has a pet mouse named Miku.

Quote: “One of the more annoying consequences of divination is that just when you think you’ve got things figured out, another vision or prophecy comes along, and all your plans and ideas have to change accordingly.  Not that I mind, really.  But it’s not convenient.”

Another Quote: “Oh, my goodness, no!  That king has the wrong eyebrows entirely!  He’s an impostor, if you believe the rumors, which I do, because of the eyebrows, you see.  Still, we haven’t been invaded so far, so it must be all right, don’t you think, Grela?”

Fayubi seems to be no more than an itinerant entertainer, fat, bald and more than a little frivolous. Behind the kind eyes, foolish remarks and self-deprecating manner, however, is a mage with an unmatched talent for divination and illusion, and a tendency to meddle on behalf of the royal family of Mâvarin.


From Fayubi’s Journal of Music and Prophecy:

Words spoken long ago to a lost King
Now are echoed by life - and that's a good thing.

[Automatic writing. Questions in brackets written in later for record-keeping purposes.]

[So I'm coming north because of Jor's children?]
[Will I meet them in Thalemar?]
No. Before.
[Where am I going, then?]
[I won't be welcome there.]
Don't be Fayubi too soon.

Fayubi Meets Crel

The cause of the horses’ restlessness was riding up the road toward them, whistling, a fat, balding older man on a bay horse.  Crel was certain he was the same traveler she’d seen riding behind them the previous afternoon, always a quarter of a mile back.  He was probably fresh from the inn, well-fed and well-rested.  Crel wondered who he was, and where he was going.  His bald pate above long, dark hair streaked with white made it clear that he wasn’t a selmûn.  Nor did he look like a trader in his baggy blue robe.  Still, of all the possible people on the Road, it would be hard to imagine one less threatening in appearance than this flabby whistler.
Nevertheless, Crel did not want to meet him alone, not after watching him watch her for several hours the day before.  She went to Jamek and shook him urgently.  “Uncle!” she whispered.  “That man is coming!”

Jamek jerked awake.  “What?  Stop it, you’re all wet.  What are you pestering me for?”

“The man who rode behind us yesterday is about to catch up with us.”

“So?”  But he sat up anyway.  “All right, I’m awake.  Go get the horses.”

Crel went back to the river and slipped the bridles over Molin and Peg.  Out of the corner of her eye she saw Jamek get up and go over to his saddlebags, where his sword was.  He began to pack his gear as if nothing special were happening.

The stranger reached their campsite and reined in.  “Good morning!” he said.  “Are you folks going to Thâlemar also?”

“Thâlemar is our immediate destination,” Jamek admitted.  “Why do you ask?”

“Oh, no reason,” the man said.  “I just thought it would be nice to have some company on the road today.  Thâlemar is my home, you see, and I’ve been on the road for some time.  These long trips can get so tedious when you’re alone, don’t you think?”

“I wouldn’t know,” Jamek said.

“Our trip wasn’t that long, and we’re not alone,” Crel said pleasantly, thinking Jamek was being a little too unfriendly.  “So it’s not so bad for us.”  Jamek frowned at her, but she ignored him.  This man seemed nice enough.  She just hadn’t wanted to meet him by herself.

“Not so far, eh?  Liftlabeth, Mâshelamar, someplace like that?  You’re lucky.  I’ve just come a terribly long distance.  Clear up from the southern end of the country.  My name’s Fayubi, by the way.”

Uh-oh, Crel thought.  He’d figured out where they were from already.  She’d have to watch what she said even more carefully.  “I’m Crel, and this is my uncle, Jamek Barth.”  Crel nodded at Jamek as she said this, and saw no hint of surprise in his face when he heard his new alias.  She hadn’t known he was that good an actor.

“Pleased to meet you, Prel, Jomik, I’m sure.  Would you mind if I rode with you folks today?  I talk too much, but I’m harmless, I assure you.”

--from Heirs of Mâvarin, Chapter Four

Fabi the Innkeeper

(Fabi Stok)
a.k.a. Fabi the Drunk

First Appearance: Mages of Mâvarin, Chapter Twenty-Two

Trivia: Fabi's locked trunk of divination materials includes a shaving mirror, a pair of boots and a floppy hat.

Quote: “What are you doing here? You were never even born!”

Fayubi’s otherworld counterpart was expelled from Mâton when his most recent prophecies all proved to be obviously false or impossible.  Instead of becoming a mage, he eventually bought the King’s Gate Inn outside Thâlemar.  In order to block his visions of a world that can’t be real (but is), Fabi spends most of his time drunk, leaving the inn’s management to his adopted daughter, Mera Sinan. Fabi’s eventual salvation depends on his finally meeting the people of his visions - and becoming one of them.

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